USAF membership of both dojo and their individual members are maintained by paying annual dues. While most instructors trace their Aikido roots to a USAF dojo, we also welcome applications from dojo whose history may have followed a different path.

The primary goal of the USAF is to maintain the traditional Aikido of O-Sensei and to promote Hombu Dojo’s guidelines and dedication to positive practice. Our members are a continued reflection of this process. While the USAF does not interfere with the administrative day-to-day business of member dojo, we expect ethical and dedicated leadership from our instructors. Recognition and acceptance of our Code of Conduct is a part of the application process.

As Aikido continues to spread throughout the United States and the world, we anticipate that teachers will produce students who wish to become teachers themselves. This is a natural progression, and one that occurs when there is a great love of the art. The relationship between student/teacher should be mutually respectful. When a student wishes to open his/her own dojo, an open dialogue with the instructor is essential, as sponsorship is required.

If a non-USAF dojo is seeking membership, we suggest that the instructor attend USAF seminars taught by USAF Shihan, or visit a USAF dojo. This will facilitate the process by not only familiarizing oneself with the USAF, its members and its practices, but also creating an opportunity to introduce oneself and establish a connection with members of the USAF.

Applying to the USAF begins with contacting the USAF administrative office by calling 860-567-2416 or emailing