Paul Müller Shihan to McGill Aikido



Our Spring/Summer Seminar will be taking place at McGiII Aikido's Dojo,

Saturday & Sunday July 8 & 9th 2017

to be lead by Paul Müller Shihan, one of the pioneers of Aikido in France.

Having begun training in 1963 at age 15, he was a direct student of Shihans Nakazono, Tamura, Noro, Chiba and Nishio.

Sensei Müller was awarded the rank of 5th dan Iaido Toho from Nishio Shihan.
He integrates the important role of weapons - katana, bokken and jo - in his Aikido training.
He has been teaching Aikido in Strasbourg since October 1971.

Please refer to attached documents for the event's details.
If possible, print and post.

Bring your weapons, your zoris to walk from the change rooms to the dojo and a padlock for a locker.

Welcome to all.


McGill Aikido
475 Ave des Pins Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4


July, 8th 2017


July, 9th 2017

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